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We’re among the best dental marketing companies working today. Dentist Nerds reaches the hundreds of individuals searching for dental services in your region! Secure new patients through advanced web marketing services and organic targeted traffic.

  • Tailored web strategy, rapid-fire results.

Increase in Google First-Page Results

Ranking on Google’s first page gives you an instantaneous increase in new-patient inquiries — and a measurable revenue boost. Discover the power of real dental SEO marketing!

  • Your success is our success

Work With a Tech-Savvy Marketing Team

As leaders in dental practice marketing, Dentist Nerds gives you everyone from SEO specialists to web developers and content writers working together to get your business seen. Hundreds of patients are looking for your services, but you can’t count on them finding you simply by driving past your practice. Everyone’s looking online. So give yourself the digital visibility to get them through the door.

  • You know the power of a well-established marketing arm.

Think of Us as Your Dedicated In-House Team

Imagine freeing yourself of all your online marketing worries. You’re asking yourself, “Should I update my website? How many blog articles should I post? Would it help if I ran ads — what about social media?!” Relax. We’re your dental internet marketing nerds for a reason. It’s our job to handle these details so you can focus on patient happiness!

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What makes Dentist Nerds different?

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all dental marketing strategies. We are a performance-based program that tailors our approach to your individual goals and concerns.

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We Build Relationships

We are your partners with a direct interest in the success of your business. Your success is our success, and we will do everything it takes to grow alongside you.

You Focus on Patient Care, We’ll Grow Your Practice

Appear within the top Google search results and reach those soon-to-be patients looking for you!

Empowering Your Practice

1,125% Increase in
Google First-Page Results

88% Increase in
New Patient Appointments!

100% Increase
in practice grow

50% Increase in 5-star
patient reviews

Reza Dental Care Review

After talking to multiple dental marketing companies, my friend, who is a dentist, recommended Dentist Nerds. I am so glad they helped me get my new dental practice off the ground. Thanks to their expertise and guidance for helping grow my practice and patient base day by day. I cannot say enough good things about Dentist Nerds – they are truly a lifesaver!

Dr. Reza Ghasemi

Reza Dental Care – Founder

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Dentist Nerds strives to provide the best dental internet marketing in the industry.

We exist to positively impact our clients’ businesses and futures.

As a female business owner, I didn’t have the time to spend on marketing. With the help of Nerds boost, my life became much easier! Not only did they create a fantastic website for me, but they also took care of my Google rankings, email marketing, and social media.

Dr. Nazii

La Jolla Dentistry

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